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Civil War Fort Tour

Discover Pensacola's Historic Forts like you've never seen before! Our Civil War Fort Tour, flies you near 3 major forts to include devastated Fort McRee, Fort Barrancas and Fort Pickens. Loaded with American history dating all the way back to 1800s, Fort Pickens has seen action throughout the American Civil War, World War I and World War II. Come experience a flight of a lifetime and soar with us on a 36 mile (Approx 25 minutes), tour of  American Civil War History.

Helicopter Tour Description

Fort Pickens was named after the American Revolutionary War hero Andrew Pickens. It was designed by French engineer Simon Bernard in 1829 and completed in 1834 and constructed using 21.5 million bricks! Fort Pickens has had a tumultuous war history, seeing action in the American Civil War, World War I and World War II. During the Civil war it was occupied by the Union, and remained under Union control for the duration of the Civil War, in spite of multiple failed attacks by the Confederates. Our Fort Tour provides you with unparalleled views of the Historic Pensacola Lighthouse located on NAS Pensacola and a birds eye view of Fort McRee and Fort Barrancas. This is also a favorite location to spot a shipwreck, sharks, dolphins and even sea turtles! 

Route for the Civil War Fort Tour


  • NAS Pensacola

  • Big Lagoon

  • Johnson's Beach

  • Fort McRee

  • Pensacola Pass

  • Fort Pickens.

  • WWII Battery Langdon

  • Fort Barrancas

  • Historic Pensacola Lighthouse

  • Naval Aviation Museum

Tour Total Cost (before tax)


2 People - $414.00 


3 People - $621.00

4 People or more requires booking 2 or more trips

$50 deposit is required for all online booking. 

Call for more info (850) 418-8183

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Helicopter Tour Limitations

Our aircraft is limited by the number of passengers it can carry, the weight of each passenger (seat weight) and total passenger weight.  This is known as design limitations and is set by the aircraft manufacture.

Max Passengers        3


Weight Limits

       Per Person             300 Lbs Max

       Total Passenger  500 Lbs Max

Some of the Sights on The Civil War Fort Tour