Helicopter Flight Training


Being based on the Emerald Coast in Northwest Florida, means we have incredible scenery and a location that allows us to fly all year round, perfect for any kind of training. Pensacola our home city, is not only the oldest settlement in the United States but the cradle of Naval aviation.   

Our base location is Ferguson Airport (82J), a small grass roots airport thats been around since the 1950's and minutes away from downtown or the beach. 


Within a 30 miles radius we have 8 large airports, 3 of which are Class C and multiple small private strips scattered around. This means your training will be conducted in some of the busiest airspace in the US, giving you all the experience you need to excel as a pilot no matter where you go

Specialized Instructors

Experienced instructors who are seasoned professionals within their industry, will take your training to a whole new level. Moving away from the more stereotypical training environment, we utilize scenario based concepts to help compliment your training, allowing you to think outside the box and be prepared for any eventuality.

Types of Training

Our services include but are not limited to:-

Private, Instrument, Commercial & ATP Training

Turbine Transitions

Long Line Training

Ground Training

CRM Training

Company Specific Training