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Photo - Downtown Pensacola.

Pensacola Night Flights

When you take off, the night swallows you up as you appear to glide effortlessly toward downtown Pensacola. Everything you know is different, sights well known on the ground during the day, seem to blur into a field of lights or darkness. Sharp contrasts between the land and water become evident as you try to work out what and where things are. Looking to the south you'll see the huge black hole that is the Gulf of Mexico, along with NAS Pensacola, Pensacola Bay, Gulf Breeze, Pensacola Beach and maybe as far a Navarre. On the way back and way out to the west you'll see Perdido Key & Gulf Shores Alabama glowing in the distance.


City & Beach Night Flight - 30 Minutes Night Flight (Aprox).  - $199 PP


Helicopter Tour Description

We'll take off from our small airport and head east weather permitting. On your way, you'll see all the lights of Pensacola City from 1000 ft. Hunting for some of the major historic sights we'll also point out anything unusual like Christmas Lights and the trees lit on Palafox street during the Christmas season.   We'll continue south along Pensacola Bay Bridge to the beach till we get to the Pensacola Beach Ball, then head back up north along the bridge.  Turning west bound, you'll see Perdido Key way off in the distance, along with Gulf Shores in Alabama! Don't forget, when we head back, keep your eyes wide open to help us find our little airport. Buried in the trees it can be really difficult to spot if you don't know what you're looking for. Fortunately, we've been flying here for years so we know the place like the back of our hand.

Route for the Pensacola Night Tours


  • Bright lights of Downtown Pensacola

  • Pensacola Bay

  • Gulf Breeze

  • Pensacola Beach

  • Gulf of Mexico 

  • Pensacola Beach Ball and Fishing Pier

Tour Total Cost


2 People -  30 mins $398.00 

3 People -  30 mins $597.00

4 People or more requires booking 2 or more trips

$50 deposit is required for all online booking. 

Call for more info (850) 418-8183


30 Minute Night Tour (Pensacola City & Beach)

Pensacola Night Tour.jpg

Helicopter Tour Limitations

Our aircraft is limited by the number of passengers it can carry, the weight of each passenger (seat weight) and total passenger weight.  This is known as design limitations and is set by the aircraft manufacture.

Max Passengers        3


Weight Limits

       Per Person             300 Lbs Max

       Total Passenger  500 Lbs Max

Some of the sights during your Night Flight