Aerial Shots from above: Photo Flights and Beautiful Sights!

Updated: Mar 9

Traveling around, we always see beautiful structures and lands from a ground perspective. But have you ever wondered what it's like to see those same places from an aerial point of view? Luckily, we got to make that happen recently! Although it is a custom tour to inquire us about, we give photographers the opportunity to fly with us and take photos from the helicopter. When planned accordingly with our pilots to set a secured flight plan, we've flown to surrounding areas at the perfect time to catch some of the most beautiful shots.

Recently, we've gotten the chance to team up with Art Wager (link to his website below) and fly around on a beautiful sunny day! From the Pensacola Beach Ball all the way over to Mobile Alabama, he was able to get some of breath taking shots of the Pensacola Pier, Downtown Mobile, and the I-10 crossing over Mobile Bay. It is definitely safe to say, those photos give an even bigger perspective of the beautiful Gulf Coast. Just below are some photos of the areas that he got a great view of, and these shots are just absolutely amazing!

Thanks to Art, we can give everyone the chance to see what it's like flying through our side of the Panhandle, and we always accommodate to everyone, and of course reassure the safety for the photographers and our pilots. If you're interested in doing a photo flight, contact us and we can set up a photo tour! Also thank you again to Art Wager for getting together with us to make this happen. Definitely check out his work via Instagram @artwphoto or on his website linked below, to inquire any photography work to have done for you!

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