Motion picture work and Commercials.

Updated: Jan 8

Aside from beautiful proposals and beach tours, we've also been presented opportunities to be featured in photo shoots and even a cameo in a film! We love to take part in anything that'll get our helicopter tour company out there, and what better way to do that, then dabbling in a bit of the motion picture industry and commercials!

Some of our best experiences is being a part of an upcoming movie that was a two day operation for our company, where you'll get to see us and our helicopter in a small cameo in a Lionsgate production. We we're lucky enough that our crew got to be a part of the film which was a blast! With a little help from Joe and our guest spot pilot Leland, they got to first hand give one of the actors a "crash course" of how to fly a helicopter. As far as for stand ins, Joe, Ross, Leland and Taylor had the cool opportunity to be doubles for the cast in the helo, so don't look too hard, you won't be able to tell the difference! Being a part of the film production definitely had it's perks: not only did we get to meet some of the cast (one or two A list celebrities), we also got to chat with a whole host of film crew, from camera, sound and light operators to directors, to makeup and costume.

It's quite incredible how a movie location can come alive in such as short period of time and disappear just as fast as it appeared. It was a great learning experience watching a movie come to life and an honor for us to be a part of it with our helicopter.

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