Flying With The Blue Angels!

Sunday was a whirlwind day for us here! Trying to organize our tours around when the Navy’s Blue Angels display team would be coming in makes scheduling extremely difficult. Anything can delay the team, from the weather here or at their location, maintenance, speed restrictions and other factors all play a part. Fortunately, we’re able to be flexible had everything ready just in time for their arrival!

This week the Tall Ships happen to be in town, making it exceptionally special. This was the first time they’ve ever been here (if you don't count the time 200 years ago) so to have the Blues do a flyby down Palafox street was just incredible. (Have a glance at our blog on them here.)

In our aircraft we are actually able to talk to Blue Angel #5 and get real time updates on timings and position! It’s really cool hearing them say they’re 10 mikes, 5 mikes and 2 mikes out, mikes meaning minutes. And there’s always a rush of excitement when you eventually seen them coming over the horizon! Our photographer let us know she'd seen them first which was great, because we were busy flying, maintaining our altitude and keeping everyone safe, so to have additional eyes help find them, meant we were working as a crew.

As soon as they started coming into view our live feed dropped so we missed our window for capturing them downtown... at the most crucial point of them being over downtown Pensacola, but managed to get them at the beach as you can see on the video at 22 minute mark. (See our Facebook). After Pensacola Beach we have to hightail it to catch them landing at NAS Pensacola. As the sun was fading it got difficult to film in low light but still a spectacular sight to see. Check out our live feed on our facebook, you'll want to fast forward to the 22 minute mark. Here's the link.

Photographs from Laura Bogan, ourselves and Blue Angels official website

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