UWF's coach Shinnick's grand entrance for the Argonauts!

Updated: Jan 6

It's not often we get a request like this, but when the phone call came we jumped at the chance to make a grand entrance for an exceptional coach.

UWF's football team 'The Argonauts" AKA the Argos, had pushed themselves so hard this year, that they had made it all the way to the Division II finals!

True to his word of making a grand entrance should they make it that far, coach Shinnick had devised a plan to surprise the team that involved us here at Hang Ten Helicopters.

Calling us a week earlier, we made all the planning and preparation to land at UWF campus, pick him up and UWF's media guy and fly them to the football field where his team was waiting. Perfect weather and perfect timing made his promise come true and we're we're proud to be a part of the team, if only for a day!

(Photo's and video courtesy of PNJ, for their story CLICK HERE)

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