Marine Animals You Might See on Your Helicopter Flight

Updated: Aug 31

Nothing beats the excitement of watching marine life in their most natural habitat from the sky during a helicopter flight in Gulf Shores, Alabama. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a marine wildlife explorer who has always wanted to experience local aquatic adventures, Hang Ten Helicopters has got you covered. We are one of the most exciting family activities in Gulf Shores and your entire crew can enjoy the view during our helicopter rides.

You can experience the beautiful marine life in our local areas in a whole new way. Our helicopter tours are a must do in Gulf Shores! When you book a helicopter ride with us, you are opening the door to an awe-inspiring experience with the possibility of seeing the following marine animals.


Sharks are some of the most spectacular marine animals found along the coastlines of Alabama and Florida. Many breeds of sharks are found in our local waters, including tiger sharks and great white sharks. Our helicopter tours allow you to have a birds-eye view of these fascinating predators. Specifically, you can book the Shark Hunt helicopter tour to join us on a shark spotting helicopter adventure!


Rays are beautiful creatures to watch, whether traveling alone or with your family. Our local ocean waters in the Gulf Coast area are birthing grounds for rays. Rays come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, making the experience of trying to spot one even better. The ray types you are likely to see along the coast include butterfly, cow, mantas, and eagle rays.


Dolphins are graceful and playful! These marine creatures can often be seen following boats, as they take advantage of the fish caught by fishermen or even jumping out of the water for fun. The most common dolphin found in our waters is the bottlenose dolphin, known for its short and stubby beak.

Large Fish

Our helicopter tours provide the opportunity to see a variety of large fish species, including sailfish, swordfish, red drums, king mackerel, greater amberjack, and redfish. Thankfully, our tour guides will give you quality information on the many types of large fish species you could see on your flight across the coastlines of Florida and Alabama.

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Ready to take an unforgettable adventure in the sky? Hang Ten Helicopters is one of the best family activities in Gulf Shores, AL, and we are here to give you an unbeatable experience. Book a helicopter ride with us and enjoy one of the many fun things to do in Gulf Shores!

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