Pensacola Tall Ships Parade.

We get to do some really cool stuff here in Pensacola and today was exceptional!

After heading out of Ferguson Airport, Hang Ten Helicopters base, it didn't take us long to spot these incredible vessels moored off of Plaza De Luna at the south end of Palafox street, downtown Pensacola. Flying low and slow our photographer, Courtney Sweden, was able to snap some great pictures, one of which was of already sailing in the bay waving at us as we flew by. The weather was excellent with the winds out of the southeast and light clouds above made for a great photo day. This is the first time Tall Ships America has brought their Tall Ships to our city and the novelty spurred many visitors! We can't believe how beautiful they look!

Of course in true Hang Ten fashion we headed for the beach on the way home in time to find a huge pod of 20 dolphins swimming off of Gulf Islands National Seashore! For more info CLICK HERE!

Check out the pictures below! Photography by courtney Sweeden.

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