Romantic Proposal Flights at Sunset

Updated: Jan 7

Sometimes, it's hard trying to find a memorable way to ask your significant other to marry them, and what better way to do it than going on a romantic helicopter ride! We've had quite the year with anniversaries and proposals, we even put together the Romance tour which includes a bottle of champagne, two flower leis, and two Hang Ten t shirts! And just to set the mood and make the moment even more special, we always recommend doing it at sunset time (weather permitted). When you turn back around from the Pensacola Beach ball, and time it perfectly, it makes for stunning view of the sunset. It's definitely a fav for proposals, and also who doesn't enjoy a good sunset?

We love to make shareable moments like these, and what makes it better is being able to make it happen for newlyweds! having these memorable times make for a good story for your kids, grandkids, and for generations! Times like these, we make it enjoyable for the surprised significant other, and for the audience that comes along with you. We've even had the planner give us a call and set up the location accordingly, like flower petal trails, big "marry me" signs, and cameras ready to roll. So if you have a plan for a romantic helicopter ride for special times like this, we are definitely the crew for you.

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