Top 5 Things to do in Pensacola FL.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The team here at Hang Ten Helicopters adores living and working here in gorgeous Pensacola, Florida. Flying over Florida's #1 voted attraction gives us a unique, aerial perspective of the most picturesque locations in the area. We've decided to share a list of our top 5 things to do in Pensacola so you can share in the fun!

#1. National Naval Aviation Museum

Yes, our No.1 pick is aviation related, what can we say, we're in love with our industry, but! It is an incredible FREE museum with great people running it and lots to see and do for both adults and kids. Hours seem to melt into minutes and no matter how many times we go there, there's always something new or something we missed last time. Parking is easy, we just seem to always go when it rains and if you time it right depending on the day, the Navy's Blue Angles display team train in the sky right above you.

Did we mention its FREE? You can't beat that and if you need to refuel they have a great little restaurant there at reasonable prices. READ MORE...

#2. Pensacola Beach

One of the favorite reasons so many guests come to visit Pensacola! The water here is incredible, and the white sandy beaches are some of the best we have ever seen. So....pull up a chair and take in the sun! When you're ready to experience this spectacular view from the air, just give us a call. There's really no better way to capture the magnificent beauty of the beach and those incredible waters than from the sky. When you're done soaking in the sun, enjoy some of Pensacola's elegant restaurants, historic downtown tours and live music from our extremely talented locals. READ MORE...

#3. Downtown Pensacola Palafox Street

As one of “10 Great Streets in America” we felt it deserved a spot on our list because we love to head down there and check our favorite place to eat, Carmines Lunch Bar, which fortunately is right next to our favorite coffee place Bodacious Brew. Palafox has plenty of great little boutiques and shops you can walk around and enjoy, along with classic European architecture and influences. Don't miss the Blue Wahoos Stadium for all you baseball fans, the children's museum, Palafox Market, Gallery Night and a multitude of small relaxing parks and the very cool Old Hickory Whiskey Bar, for more information on what else to do downtown click here, READ MORE...

#4. Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum

Climb 177 steps up the historic Pensacola Lighthouse for one of the most beautiful views on the Gulf Coast (not quite as good as Hang Ten Helicopters, but close). The lighthouse was built back in 1859, it's located on NAS Pensacola.

It overlooks 3 forts: Fort Pickens, Fort McRee and Fort Barrancas. As you're very close to Fort Barrancas, you might as well go and see that at the same time. Admission is $7 for adults $4 for everyone else and they're open from 10:00am–5:30pm Daily with tours available should you want to know more. For more information CLICK HERE...

#5. Civil War Forts - Fort Pickens

Fort Pickens is a pentagonal historic United States military fort on Santa Rosa Island right next to the inlet of Pensacola Bay. We're fortunate enough to fly right over it on our Grand Tour and Pensacola Beach Tour. Named after American Revolutionary War hero Andrew Pickens, it was completed in 1834 and remained in use over 100 years until 1947. With its huge brick battlements jutting up from white sand dunes and its labyrinth of arched tunnels, Fort Pickens is a favorite spot among history buffs, explorers and photographers. If you want some exceptional history and photo opportunities, this is your place to go! For more info CLICK HERE...!

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